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URA Tax Topics

Tax Topics


A guide to taxing Real Estates

A guide to the Education sector

A guide to the Health and Medical sector

A guide to the Hotel and Accomodation sector

A guide to the Manuifacturing sector

A guide to the Manuifacturing sector

A guide to the Transport and storage sector

A guide to the Wholesale and Retail sector

Accountability Brochure

AEO Compliance Program Hand book

Agricultural sector tax guide

Applying for Income Tax and VAT Withholding Exemption Online

ASYCUDA Cash Declaration Payment Process

Asycuda World

Authorized Economic Operator Program


Bonds licensing conditions and procedures 2017

Book of Records Guide

Business formalization

Business Records

Business Records - Langi

Business Records- Acholi


Changes in the VAT Return Template

Chart on Revenue Flow 2020- 2021

Chart on Tax compliance 2020- 2021

Clearing Agent - English

Clearing Agent - Luganda

Client Service Charter

Customs Offences

Customs Offences - Ateso

Customs Offences - Kiswahili

Customs valuation

Customs Valuation English Version


Deactivated VAT Individual Taxpayers

Deactivated VAT Non Individual Taxpayers

Digital Tax Stamps Brochure


E- Filing



Educational sector guide

EFRIS Brochure

Electronic Cargo Tracking System

Electronic Fiscal Receipting and Invoicing FAQs

Employment Income

Employment Income- Acholi

Employment Income- Ateso

Excise Duty

Export Procedure

Export Procedure- Acholi


Fees for the services and documents under Road safety Act- English version

Fees for the services and documents under Road safety Act- Luganda version


Groupage Cargo - Luganda

Groupage cargo- English


Hotel and Accomodation sector

How to become tax compliant


KAKASA Booklet (Digital Tax Stamps & EFRIS)

KAKASA FAQs (EFRIS, DTS, Voluntary Disclosure)

Key Financial Management Skills for Small Businesses

Key Financial Management Skills for Small Businesses- Luganda


Licensed Clearing Firms in Kenya 2019-2020

Licensed Clearing Firms in Uganda 2019- 2020

Licensed Gaming and Pool Betting Operators


Manufacturing sector tax guide

Motor vehicle validation and transfer- English

Motor Vehicle validation and transfer- Luganda


Number Plate Issuance for Motor Vehicle and Cycles


Objections and Appeals


Passenger Baggage and personal effects

Postal and Courier Parcels


Rental Income English

Revenue Collection flow process


Single Customs Territory

Small Business Taxpayer- Acholi

Small Business Taxpayer- English

Small Business Taxpayer- Karamojong

Small Business Taxpayer- Luganda

Small Business Taxpayer- Runyankole

Small Business Taxpayer- Runyoro/ Rutooro

Small Business Taxpayer- Swahili

Smuggling and its Effects

Stamp Duty

Starter pack for Newly Registered Taxpayers - Luganda

Starter Pack for Newly Registered Taxpayers - Runyakitara

Starter pack for Newly Registered taxpayers- Acholi

Starterpack for Newly Registered Taxpayers - Ngakaramajong

Starterpack for Newly registered taxpayers-English


Tariff classification of goods

Tax Amendments 2016-17

Tax Amendments 2018-19

Tax Amendments 2019/20

Tax Amendments 2020-21

Tax Amendments 2021-22

Tax Clearance Application Process

Tax Glossary

Tax Glossary

Tax Incentive Guide 2013

Tax Incentive Guide 2017

Tax Incentive Guide 2020 - Chinese

Tax Incentive Guide 2020 -English

Tax Incentive Guide 2021

Tax incentive guide 2021- English

Tax Incentives Guide 2020 Luganda

Taxation Handbook 2011 Edition

Taxation Handbook 2015 Edition

Taxation Handbook 2020 Edition

Taxation of the Transport Sector

Taxation of the transport sector Luganda version

Taxation of the Transport Sector- Ateso

Taxation of Transportation Sector- Acholi

Teeny - A Tax Magazine for Teens and Youths

TEVIES Version 2

The Receipt Campaign - English

The Receipt Campaign - Runyakitara

The Receipt Campaign - Swahili

TIN registration guide- Kiswahili

TIN registration guide- Luganda

TIN registration guide-English

TIN requirements for Land transactions

TOTO- A tax magazine for children

Transport and storage sector tax guide


Updating TIN on the Single Window Portal

Used Motor Vehicle Valuation Database


Value Added Tax simplified guide

VAT Deactivated Taxpayers Effective 1st March 2019

VAT Designated Withholding Agents

Vehicle Codes

Voluntary Disclosure Brochure

Voluntary Disclosure Form (VDF)


Warehousing of Goods

Wholesale and Retail content

Withholding tax