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This sector includes both the wholesale and retail sale (i.e. sale without alteration) of any type of goods. Wholesaling and retailing are the final steps in the distribution of goods. Also included is the repair of motor vehicles and motorcycles.

Wholesale is the resale (sale without alteration) of new and used goods to retailers, business-to-business trade, resale to other wholesalers, etc. Examples of wholesale trade includes;

  • Non-specialized wholesale trade
  • Wholesale on a fee or contract basis
  • Wholesale of agricultural raw materials and live animals
  • Wholesale of food, beverages and tobacco
  • Wholesale of household goods
  • Wholesale of machinery, equipment and supplies
  • Other specialized wholesale

A wholesaler will often assemble, sort and grade goods in large lots, and repack and redistribute in smaller lots. The goods are frequently destined for retailers.


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