File a Tax Return

A return is a declaration of transactions that took place during a particular period for purposes of ascertaining the tax position for that period.

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All persons with income exceeding 2,820,000 a year, save for employees who earn income from only employment and with one employer.

  1. Annual returns i.e. Income Tax, within six (6) months from the end of the financial period e.g. taxpayers with 30th June as the accounting date, the deadline to file returns is 31st December every year.
  2. Monthly Returns i.e. VAT, WHT, PAYE, LED.
    This is the 15th day of the month following the return period
  3. Weekly Return i.e. Gaming and Lotteries returns, by Wednesday of every week.

You can apply for an extension to seek permission to file a return late however the extension cannot exceed an aggregate of 90 days. This extension shall not change the due date of payment of tax due for that period.

All the information required to file that particular return. E.g. for VAT, you need all purchase and Expenses and Sales (Including all taxable and exempt sales) transactions. Including those transactions where VAT has not been charged or incurred.

NB: Currently all transactions for input and output tax should be bearing FDNs from EFRIS.

  1. You will suffer penalties for late filing which is Ugx. 200,000 or 2% of the tax liability for the period whichever is higher.
  2. You also give room for URA to estimate the tax liability for the period through an administrative assessment which at times becomes so inconvenient.
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