EACFFPC stands for East African Customs Freight Forwarding Practicing Certificate.

The East African Customs Freight Forwarding Practicing Certificate is a course that equips participants with the necessary knowledge to practice freight forwarding within Uganda Revenue Authority jurisdiction.

EACFFPC: EACFFPC is a joint regional training program of the East African Revenue Authorities, National Associations of the Freight Forwarding Industry, the EAC Directorate of Customs and FEAFFA.
It aims at equipping practicing or prospective custom agents and freight forwarders with requisite skills and competencies in customs and freight forwarding.

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The next intake will be in January 2024.

The course has two semesters and is 10 months long with final exams at the end of each module. This is an online program with physical exams.

For industry practicing agents, the minimum requirement is O’ Level Certificate and for non-practicing  clearing agents, the minimum request is A’ Level Certificate.

Tuition: UGX 1,500,000

Registration Fees: $150

Field Study: UGX 1,000,000


Customs Module





Paper 1: Customs Clearance procedures

Paper 2: WTO customs valuation

Paper 3: Classification of goods and ROO  


Freight Forwarding Module



Paper 4: Freight forwarding procedures

Paper 5: Port clearance

Paper 6: Carriage of goods

Warehousing module

Paper 7: Warehousing operations and Warehousing storage


Management Module




Paper 8: Basic Course     



Field Study

Paper 9: Field study report

Customs Management Information Systems (non-examinable)

Paper 10: Application of customs automated systems (ASYCUDA World)



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