Individual TIN Application

This is a TIN registration process used by an individual to obtain a TIN from URA. An application is done online by completing and uploading an excel Template. The TIN application is subject to verification and approval by a URA staff.

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All individuals who need to obtain a TIN


Individual type

Documents required


18 years and above & Ugandan Citizen

·         National ID (Mandatory)

·         NSSF Card

·         Driving Permit

·         Employee’s Id

·         Voter’s Card

·         Passport

·         Village Identity Card

·         Financial Card

·         Current Bank Statement (Past 90 days)



A copy of the Legal/Court document of guardianship


Non-Citizens of Uganda

·         Passport (Mandatory)

·         Visa

·         Work permit(M)

·         Refugee ID (M for refugees)



·         Diplomatic Foreign Affairs ID

·         Letter from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs

In addition to non-citizen requirements


Business Name

Business Name Registration Certificate (in case of a sole proprietorship)

In addition to individual identification documents

Note: You are required to submit copies of signed registration forms with copies of identification documents indicated in the registration form before a TIN is issued.

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