Instant TIN Application

The instant TIN registration process is done using an online web form where a TIN is generated instantly upon submission of the application. This application is not subject to verification or approval by URA staff, and the client will be able to get this TIN within 5 minutes.


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  • Only Individuals Registered with the NIRA (National Identification Registration Authority) and who have been issued a National Identification Number (NIN)

Note: Individuals who do not have a National Identification Number (NIN) issued by NIRA will not access this service. They should therefore use other alternative methods, i.e., TIN registration for individuals and TIN registration for non-individuals, respectively.

  • National Identification Number (NIN) as indicated on the national ID.
  • A working mobile phone number

Follow the steps below to register for an instant TIN;

  • Go to the URA website,
  • Click on the icon marked “Get a TIN” to access the instant TIN link
  • Click Instant TIN button to access the form
  • Click into the circle to select “Individual (For individuals)”
  • Input your National ID 
  • Fill in the correct details, such as title, marital status, sir name and first name
  • Select source of income and fill in the address, email and contact details
  • Select that you are not a robot, and click submit
  • Your TIN will be sent to you instantly on your mobile phone and email address
Click to apply for an Instant TIN
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