URA E-Learning

The Uganda Revenue Authority (URA) developed an advanced digital platform for delivering educational content, training materials, and online courses.

This initiative is a great way to enhance education and professional development in fields related to taxation, business management, and legal practices. Users can access the courses and materials conveniently through this online platform, which can be particularly useful for individuals looking to improve their knowledge and skills in these areas.

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This learning platform is accessible to taxpayers and URA Staff. Click here to access the page.

The platform has courses that can be accessed by taxpayers and these include:

Formalizing a business – https://elearning.ura.go.ug/course/view.php?id=44

Taxation of Small Business – https://elearning.ura.go.ug/course/view.php?id=45

Rental Income Tax – https://elearning.ura.go.ug/course/view.php?id=47

Filling of returns – https://elearning.ura.go.ug/course/view.php?id=48

Customs Clearing Agent – https://elearning.ura.go.ug/course/view.php?id=43

Warehousing of goods – https://elearning.ura.go.ug/course/view.php?id=46

Upon completing any of these courses, learners will receive a certificate which is signed by the Assistant Commissioner of Learning and Development.

Click to access the platform
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