According to the law, a tax agent is an individual, partnership, or company who has been approved and licensed following a successful application, reviewing, vetting and awarding of a certificate of registration to become a tax agent by the Tax Agents Registration Committee.

What is expected of a tax agent?

Upon approval, a tax agent is responsible for the following:

  • Preparation, certification, and filing tax returns, information returns, or other statements or reports required by the Authority on behalf of a taxpayer.
  • Preparations for requests, for ruling, petitions, for reinvestigation, protects, objections, request for refunds for tax certificates, compromise settlements and/or abatement of tax liabilities, other official papers, and correspondences with the Authority.
  • Represents the taxpayer in meetings and hearings in all matters relating to a taxpayer rights, privileges, or liabilities under the laws or regulations administered by the Authority.

Appoint Agent

Serial Number Tax Office Agent Name TIN License Number License Issue Date License Expiry Date Approval Date Application Date Registration Status Deactivation Date

Appoint Agent


Taxpayers MUST never handover the payment obligations for taxes exclusively to the tax agents. Payment should be made into URA Account in the bank or other approved payment platforms.

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