Import or Export Tax Exemption

Customs Duty
This is a tax levied on goods imported (import duty) or exported (export duty) from Uganda at specific or ad valorem rates. The East African Community Customs Management Act 2004 (EACCMA) is the legal framework for customs operations in Uganda and the region as a whole.

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In order to qualify for exemption, the following conditions should be met –

  • The goods must be the property of the passenger;
  • The goods must be in the company of the passenger;
  •  The goods should be for the personal or household use of the passenger;
  •  The goods must be of such kinds as permitted by law;
  •  The goods must be of such quantities as a customs officer may allow in accordance with specified restrictions;

  • Spirits (including liquors) or wine, not exceeding one litre or wine not exceeding two litres.
  •  Perfume and toilet water not exceed one half litres, of which not more than a quarter may be perfume.
  •  Cigarettes, cigars, cheroots, cigarillos, tobacco, and snuff not exceeding in all 250 grams in weight.
  •  Other goods up to a value of US$ 300 imported by a traveler in his/her accompanied baggage or upon his p
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