Livestock Farming

Crop Farming

Poultry Farming

Agro Processing

Importers of Herbicides & Pesticides

Floriculture Farming & Export

Agri-inputs Dealers
(Machinery, Tools & Equipment)

General Agricultural Guides


Construction Companies

Construction Professionals

General Construction Guides


School Proprietor

School Administrators
(e.g. bursars, head teachers)

Students Through VITA Program

General Education Guide



Events Companies Ownership

Entertainment Personnel

Production Studios Ownership

Promoters or Events Managers

Performers and Artistes

Entertainment Venues

Gaming, Casino operators and Sports betting

General Guide to Entertainment


Fishermen and Fish Mongering

Fish Processing
(Adding value to fish)

Fish Products Export
(e.g. those that export fish maws)

Fishing Gadgets Import
(e.g. fishing nets, hooks etc)

General Fishing Guide

Health & Medical Sector

Herbal Shops

Hospitals & Clinics

Pharmaceutical Processors or Manufacturers

Pharmacies & Drugshops

General Health Guide


Tour Operations

Restaurants Operations

Recreation Facility Operations

General Guide to Hospitality Sector

Manufacture & Export

Manufacturer of Tangible Products
(e.g. plastics, tiles etc.)

Food & Beverages Processing

Textile Processing

Cosmetics Processing

Steel Sector

Steel Sector

General Manufacturing Sector Guide


Miners Of Minerals

Dealers In Minerals

Sand Extractors & Quarry Operations

Real Estate

Land Lords

Property Dealing & Developement

Real Estate Agents

Property Management

Land Dealers & Developers

Property Developers


Taxi & Bus Ownership

Boda Boda Riders

Cargo Transport

Goods Vehicles

Oil and Gas

Miners of Oil & Gas

Dealers In Oil & Gas Products
(e.g. fuel stations)

Wholesale & Retail

Small Business Taxpayers

VAT Registered Category

Car Spare Parts Dealers

Electronics & Electrical Appliances Dealers

General Wholesale Traders

Hardware Dealers

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