Careers at URA

Uganda Revenue Authority (URA) is proud to associate with a vibrant and shared culture of being a Client Focused and Responsive organization that Attracts and Nurtures Talent and Innovation to deliver a great Client experience in an Enjoyable Environment.

Our foremost strategic focus is to establish URA as the employer of choice, capable of drawing in, inspiring, and maintaining a dedicated workforce. We are steered by the following goals;

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Delivering Engaging and Demanding Roles: Offering challenging and meaningful roles can attract professionals who are looking for opportunities to make a significant impact and contribute to the organization’s goals.

Competitive Compensation and Benefits: Providing competitive compensation and benefits is crucial for attracting and retaining top talent. This ensures that employees feel valued and fairly rewarded for their contributions.

Supportive Work Culture: Nurturing a supportive work culture is essential for fostering collaboration, innovation, and employee well-being. A positive work environment can contribute to higher job satisfaction and productivity.

Positivity and Safety: Creating a workplace that radiates positivity and prioritizes safety enhances employee morale and overall satisfaction. A safe and positive environment encourages creativity and allows employees to focus on their tasks effectively.

Growth and Advancement: Investing in employee growth and advancement demonstrates a commitment to employees’ professional development. Providing opportunities for skill enhancement and career progression can contribute to higher motivation and loyalty.


Equal Employment Opportunity: URA’s commitment to equal employment opportunity demonstrates a commitment to fairness and diversity. This approach ensures that all qualified individuals have an equal chance to join the organization, regardless of their background.

Transparent Screening Process: Transparently screening applications based on qualifications, experience, and job description ensures that the selection process is objective and fair.

Merit-Based Selection: Selecting candidates based on merit ensures that the most qualified individuals are appointed to the available positions. This approach supports the organization’s goal of attracting and retaining dedicated professionals.

If you aspire to advance your career, consider becoming a part of a seasoned group of experts, offering remarkable professional prospects within Uganda’s leading economic entity.

Every received application will undergo a clear evaluation process, taking into account qualifications, experience, and job requirements. Those shortlisted will receive interview invitations. Selection for final appointment will be determined solely on the basis of merit.

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