Promoters or Events Managers

Who is a promoter?

A promoter is a person or company who is responsible for marketing and publicizing events. He or she can work to advertise events such as concerts, athletic tournaments, charity events, music concerts, nightclub performances, sports events and festivals.

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The promoter plays the following role;

  • A promoter is charged on organizing efforts like flyer distribution, radio and television advertisements, social media campaigns into a consistent public relations strategy. Their overall goal is to produce a large number for the event while maintaining a set promotional budget.
  • Ensure that tickets to a particular event are sold out.
  • The promoter should ensure that all expenses have corresponding invoices/receipts.
  • He/she should withhold at a rate of 6% on suppliers whose invoice values exceed Ugx.1,000,000.
  • The promoter should engage URA in an entry meeting to ensure that URA is at par with all the event proceedings.
  • He/she should ensure that the performance has secured all relevant licenses;
  1. KCCA/Municipal council for pinning-up the posters
  2. Permission for sounds pollution,
  3. Permission from police that confirms safety

All players in the promotion service business in Uganda are required to be registered with

  • Uganda Revenue Authority (URA) for taxes
  • For non-individual you can register a company name with URSB.


For individual

  • National ID or any other two of the following valid identification documents;  Passport, Driving permit, Voter’s card, Village ID, Employment ID, Refugee ID, recent Bank statement, Work permit, financial card, Visa, NSSF card etc.
  • Certificate of registration (incase you are in business)
  • Statement of particulars and partnership deeds (incase of a partnership)

For non-individual

  • Company Form 20
  • Certificate of incorporation

Click here for details on requirements for registration

Click here for your rights  as a taxpayer

Click here for your  obligations as a taxpayer

The taxes applicable to a promoter or Events manager may include the following;

Income tax – applies to all, whether individual or non-individual player.

Please note: The rate applicable for income tax for non-individual clients is 30% of the entity’s chargeable income (gross income less allowable deductions). However, individual income tax depends on the bracket in which the individual falls.

Click here for individual income tax rates 

Withholding tax

  • Withholding tax on suppliers – If you’re a designated withholding tax agent, you are expected to withhold at a rate of 6% from your suppliers whose transaction amount exceeds UGX 1,000,000 in a single transaction
  • Withholding tax on payments to non – resident public entertainers –this tax is charged at a rate of 15% of the gross amount of the payment derived by the non – resident public entertainer. The tax is withheld and paid before the non-resident entertainer leaves the country.
  • Withholding tax on payments to local public entertainers – this tax is withheld at the rate of 6% on the gross amount and remitted to URA

Click here for more information on Withholding tax.

Pay As You Earn (PAYE)

This tax applies to a sector player who has employees (administrative or causal laborers) that earn an aggregate in excess of Ugx. 235,000 per month. This form of tax is withheld every month.

Click here for the PAYE rates

 Value Added Tax (VAT) – for players who generate income from events management that exceed 150,000,000 in a given year, are expected to collect VAT on every transaction that invoiced (EFRIS).

Where an events promoter receives sponsorship from any other company, he/ she must raise an invoice that is VAT inclusive through EFRIS to the sponsor.

These returns are filed like any other Income tax returns

Click here for information on how to file your returns.  

After filing a return, you’re required to pay the resultant tax using any of the available payment platforms e.g. banks, mobile money, EFT, RTGS, VISA, Mastercard, USSD code (*285#) etc.

Please note: the due date for payment of tax is the same as that of return filing.

Click here to register a payment


In case you cannot register online, visit the nearest URA office for assistance or call the toll-free line 0800117000/0800217000 or WhatsApp: 0772140000

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