ASYCUDA World is an online system used for processing transactions of all goods imported or exported out of the country. The system allows self-declaration, assessment and payment of taxes by the importer/exporter.

It also allows users to process customs declarations from anywhere around the world. It is also possible to attach and submit commercial documents

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  • Any internet web browser such as Internet Explorer, Google Chrome can access ASYCUDA World, on the Customs website at and it can also be accessed through the single window page as http://singlewindow.
  • The computer should have a memory (RAM) of at least 4GB and above, processor of 1.6 GZ, Java8 version 202. One may need any type of printer and a document scanner for scanning all commercial documents to attach to the declaration.
  • There is need for an Adobe Reader for reading documents in PDF format. ASYCUDA World application doesn’t need to be installed on your computer; you access it through the internet. A user logs in at once and is able to access all modules attached to his/her customer account.

The persons authorized to use the system include:

  • Licensed Clearing Agents,
  • Bond Keepers,
  • Customs Officers,
  • Cargo Handlers, and
  • Importers/ Exporters.

However, in order to access, all users have to complete a user rights application form which is downloaded from the home page of the custom’s help tool site. The user rights application form has to be signed by the company Chief Executive Officers and approved by the Customs Station Managers. The form as earlier indicated can be accesses on the link provided.

All these forms can be submitted to the customs system and procedure section through the help tool which is

Login if you already have an account, if not then you will be required to create one. Select the right classification as; Creation of user Rights. The forms shall be received by the client support unit that creates the access rights in the system.

All parties involved in the international trade chain have to abide by law (East African Community Customs Management Act) and all the necessary laws application

  • To get the form for user rights, the client downloads them from the home page of the customs help-tool.
  • Click on the link for forms,
  • Click on the URA external user rights Access forms or internal user rights access forms.
  • Fill in the relevant information.
  • The forms should be signed and have a company stamp or a seal.
  • They should be submitted through the customs help tool under the classification as; Creation of user Rights. For the external stakeholders, it can be downloaded from the Single Window Portal on this link

Go to the website address – and login using your user name and password. You may fail to log in if you have;

  • Supplied a wrong password
  • Misspelt your password
  • May be using uppercase instead of lowercase or vice versa

A password is important because it unlocks the system for you as authorized user. It is similar to your ATM passcode that you use to withdraw or deposit money in your bank account. It should be known and used by ONLY you!! The system uses the password for identifying authorized users to access the system. A password ASYCUDA WORLD expires after about 90 days.

Passwords must never be shared in ASYCUDA World. In the event that you shared and you discovered that you did, the URA may institute criminal charges against you and or your company’s operations may be suspended among others.

You need the services of a clearing agent to clear any goods in ASYCUDA World on your behalf. A list of such agents is available on the URA web portal; http:// and is updated periodically.

  • The importer shall log into his portal account then click on customs Agent appointment, then customs clearing agent,
  • You can appoint, view or deactivate agents.
  • After the importer has appointed the clearing firm, the firm shall confirm the appointment either by accepting or rejecting the appointment The agent logs into ASYCUDA World, captures declaration, validate and assesses it, and the importer/exporter pays their taxes without giving the money to the agents to pay on their behalf. In fact it is advisable that the importer does the payment (himself/herself) in the bank against the generated PRN

A declaration is rendered submitted after assessment, with or without payment required. This is why after assessment the agent cannot do any amendment on the declaration assessed and if the payment is not made within the specified period the importer TIN is suspended in the system.

  • Any amendment of the information provided on the declaration after assessment is made by customs.

Before assessment, all the necessary documents shall be scanned and attached to the declaration. Such scanned documents should not be greater than 500 kilobytes (KBs) in size.

You may need to come to URA if customs require you to provide additional information to complete a customs clearance such as physical examination of goods. However, it is envisaged that the declarants may not need to come to Customs offices since documents can be scanned and submitted from wherever one is using the internet.

No declaration shall be processed by customs if the payment is required and no payment has been done.

There is a query module in the system where an officer will query the entry/ declaration and the agent shall reply any query or inquiry made on the entry lodged within the ASYCUDA system.

Importers and clearing agents may also send inquiries on customs clearances through the customs help-tool and select the right classification. Entry status can also be viewed on the help tool by a particular importer.

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