Construction Professional

A construction professional is an individual who renders professional services within the construction sector or construction project. They are tasked performing or furnishing the design, supervision, inspection, construction, or observation of the construction of any improvement to real property or project finalization. These an architect, engineer contractor, subcontractor, developer



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Construction professional get their licenses from relevant statutory authority which include

  • Ministry of lands, housing and urban development
  • National Construction Authority (NCA)

They also obtain licenses from other professional regulators like

  • Architects Regulation board
  • Uganda engineering registration board

Click here for details on requirements for registration

How do I register for taxes?

  • You’re required to visit the URA portal on
  • Click here to register as an individual
  • Click here to register as a non-individual

In case you cannot register online, visit the nearest URA office for assistance or call the toll-free line 0800117000/0800217000 or WhatsApp: 077214000

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