How are exports cleared

 Transfer of goods for export from a Partner State shall be covered by a single bond guarantee and monitored by the Electronic Cargo Tracking System (ECTS). Levies and charges on exports where applicable shall be made in the Partner State of export.

 What is RCTG?

 This is the Regional Customs  Transit  Guarantee  Bond  that  is  used  to secure warehoused goods (WT8)  that are  on transit within the COMESA and the EAC Regions. The RCTG is housed and managed in the RCTG MIS system by the COMESA RCTG Technical team.

At what point is the RCTG bond retired?

A: The RCTG Bond is retired at assessment of subsequent IM7 or IM4.

Can a declarant use an RCTG bond Number that belongs to another declarant in the declaration (WT8).

 No. RCTG numbers are configured in the system and tagged to the respective declarant’s TIN.

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