Non-Intrusive Inspection (NII)/ X-ray Scanning

1. What is Non-Intrusive Inspection (NII)?
Non-Intrusive Inspection is the examination of goods and cargo crossing international borders without physically opening or tampering with the shipments. It involves the use of advanced scanning and imaging technologies to inspect containers, packages, and vehicles to in order detect any illicit or prohibited items that may be concealed within the goods thereby Safeguarding revenue, enhancing national security and safety
a. What are the benefits of NII?
NII enables Customs to examine cargo without physical contact and hence identifies threats and contraband without alteration thereby ensuring faster clearance of cargo and passenger baggage reducing delays and congestion.
2. Is it safe to be exposed to the x-rays (radiation)? Is the driver’s / personnel health not put at risk?
NII technologies are designed to be safe for cargo and personnel. Radiation exposure levels are strictly controlled in compliance with Atomic Energy Council guidelines & international radiation safety standards to prevent harm.
3. What are the speed limits for a driving through scanning tunnel?
The speed limit for a drive through scanner is 5-15Km/hr
4. Does URA charge a fee for in order to scan?
Scanning/NII is free of charge. NII is an internal risk management procedure by a customs administration.
5. How long does it take to scan cargo/package?
Non-intrusive inspection for cargo scanning takes less than one minute. It provides faster and more efficient clearance compared to physical methods, reducing delays at the airport and border stations.
6. Why does URA scan empty trucks?
It is important to ascertain whether the truck is actually empty in the fastest way possible, and that can only be done by scanning.
7. Why does URA scan passenger baggage?
Passenger baggage is scanned in order to detect undeclared; dutiable, restricted, and prohibited items.
8. Do I have to scan my baggage even when I have no items to declare to Customs at Entebbe International Airport?
Irrespective of the channel of clearance, all passenger baggage will be subjected to non-intrusive inspection (scanned). If scanner images show any items concealed/hidden, the baggage will be subjected to physical examination by a Customs Officer in the presence of the passenger.
9. Does x-ray radiation have effect on foodstuffs?
X-ray radiation used by URA customs has no effect on the food’s safety, flavour, texture or nutritional value.

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