Team One cracks down on phone smugglers

In an operation dubbed Red Dawn, the URA Team one recently busted a major smuggling racket in Bugolobi. The syndicate had cleverly disguised high-end phone screens as phone guards to evade detection and pay a fraction of taxes due.

Acting on intelligence reports, the team one caught the smugglers off guard as they reigned in on their consolidation center. The raid followed weeks of surveillance and monitoring of suspicious activities at the premises.

The master minds had been using the consolidation center as a hub to receive and distribute the contraband phone screens, depriving the government of significant revenue.

Here, the team retrieved 8,768 pieces of different brands of phones to include; Iphones, Samsung, Nokia, Tecno and Infinix Touch Phone screens worth USD 96,448 (UGX 366,502,400). 

This operation according to Armstrong Turyakira, the Supervisor of the team, is testament to URA ’s commitment to fighting tax evasion and smuggling.

“We will continue to work tirelessly to protect the country ‘s revenue and ensure fair trade practices,” Turyakira said.

By John Olowo

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