URA and KRA Agree to Cooperate In investigations

August 16, 2023

By Charlene Rwemereza and Patrick Lumumba Okello

A team from URA ‘s Staff Compliance Division recently visited the Kenya Revenue Authority to benchmark their investigations and lifestyle audit processes.

During the engagement, David Yego, the Commissioner Intelligence, Strategic Operations Investigations and Enforcement, KRA called for an increased exchange of information and knowledge with URA. According to Yego, this will support both entities in the course of conducting investigations.

He also tipped the URA team on investigations, noting that implementing background checks and vetting at entry enables the Authority to get it ‘right’. He further proposed that the two Revenue Authorities institute joint audits and peer review mechanisms in investigations and integrity initiatives.

James Abola, Assistant Commissioner Staff Compliance in URA commended KRA for recognizing the essence of using the vetting and Lifestyle audit tools to identify the corrupt and eventually boost revenue collection.

He also lauded them for their great strides and achievements in executing audits and their willingness to share information and experience.

Additionally, both Commissioners agreed that closer cooperation will enhance the tracing of assets, which include mobile money, bank records, real estate, and business enterprises across the Partner States.

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