URA brings manufacture-focused training to ease compliance

In a bid to empower small taxpayers with a deeper understanding of taxes, URA has introduced specialized training sessions.

Every Wednesday, manufacturers gather at the UMA to sharpen their tax skills.

The recent manufacturing return filing class at UMA covered crucial topics including booking, VAT fraud and prevention and timely return filing.

Michael Mukundane, a Tax Literacy officer emphasized the dangers of VAT fraud, urging attendees to prioritize compliance.

“We don’t pride ourselves on enforcement, but it is a necessary step when taxpayers fail to meet their obligations,” he cautioned.

Mugisha Deus also from tax literacy stressed the importance of timely filing to avoid penalties, while also reminding manufacturers of their obligations.

The interactive session received positive feedback with attendees like Stephen Kityo, a distributor praising the format of engagement.

“We have been asking questions and getting responses- that’s the beauty of small classes,” Kityo said requesting more hubs.

For URA, by adopting a more personalized approach to tax education, URA aims to foster a culture of compliance and support the growth of small businesses.

By Joshua Niyonshima

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