URA to Roll Out Warehousing System to Streamline Cargo Management

A picture of BWIMS staff

In a bid to enhance cargo management and accountability in bonded warehouses, Uganda Revenue Authority will effective October 1st implement the Bonded Warehouse Information Management System (BWIMS).

BWIMS is one of the trade facilitation interventions specified in the Domestic Revenue Mobilization Strategy to address the challenges of the increased volumes of goods and movement through the bonded warehouses.

This solution is expected to improve cargo supply chain visibility, and information sharing, ease stock management, and facilitate cargo clearance in bonded warehouses.

The implementation BWIMS follows a World Bank report of 2018 that noted that about 95% of entries coming from Mombasa Port use the bonded warehousing facility to get goods entering Uganda. This has had an effect on efficient cargo control and revenue collected.

The report also recommended automating processes and procedures to enhance the monitoring of restricted entry into customs-controlled areas to manage bonded warehouses. The absence of a comprehensive inventory management system has also been a challenge in the warehouses and greatly affected revenues. These and more have been challenges affecting a number of warehouses.


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