What is the Process of authorisation of a client on the AEO ERM?

The process starts when a client lodges an expression of interest on the AEO ERM to, preliminary consultations between customs and the client, assessment of the clients’ risk by customs through its divisions and URA, a physical Audit, signing of an MOU between URA and an approved AEO applicant and finally issuance of an AEO accreditation certificate to the successful applicant all done in the system.
The taxpayer will be able to view the status of their application, submit self-assessment form, view and sign MOU, view their accredited AEO and benefit information, download and print AEO e- certificate, view the CIP and AN report, capture AEO Objection request. Taxpayer shall also view the audit management letter , access the PRN linked to the Etax covering all URA tax heads( both Revenue and Non-Revenue –NTR heads) and capture and submit response or objection request against the audit result. Portal supports a robust live interactive feedback mechanism between URA , CBRAs , Auditees and clients/AEOs based on unique identifiers( TIN, Case /Authorisation reference numbers or CBRA Reference numbers .

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