What process do I go through to become an AEO?

  • Expression of interest in writing to the Commissioner for Customs by the interested business/individual.
  • Preliminary consultation with Customs
  • Submission of a completed Self-Assessment Form to Customs
  • Customs vetting processes
  • Onsite Inspection. Customs inspects the applicant premises to confirm the information provided in the application and supporting documents
  • Authorization and Certification. Upon satisfying all the requirements, the applicant is approved as a Customs Authorised Economic Operator by the Commissioner Customs and awarded a certificate. Signing Memorandum of Understanding with Commissioner Customs.

Uganda currently has a total of 118 Authorised Operators of which 71 are Importers/Exporters, and 47 are Clearing Agents. 18 of these are Bonded Warehouse Operators whose biggest benefit is

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