2.1 Customs refund form C34.
Regulations 142(2) and 148(1) of the East African Community Customs regulations
provides for the use of valid C34 claim form dully signed and stamp by the claimant. The
administrative requirement for the use of this form requires it to be authenticated by
Ministry of Affairs with both signature and stamp.

2.2 Authorizations from Ministry of Foreign affairs for the duty-free fuel vide MFA/DP

2.3 A list approved by Ministry of Foreign Affairs for Missions/organization vehicles and
equipment authorized to consume duty free fuel.

2.4 Computation worksheet showing how the claimed amount has been derived.

2.5 Receipts/invoices in support of the fuel consumed by the missions/diplomats stamped by
the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

2.6 An update of the claimants TIN and Bank details with the URA finance division to
facilitate E –payment.

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