Is the Regional Electronic Cargo Tracking System (RECTS) free of charge; if not who meets the cost?

The RECTS is free of charge.

How is the SCT addressing the problem of several weigh bridges along the transit/ transfer routes?

Partner States reduced the number of weigh bridges.

How are Revenue Authorities ensuring that the networks are stable?

 The Revenue Authorities have dedicated teams to monitor the systems performance and ensure continuous stability.

Who is responsible if the bonded cargo does not reach its intended destination in Uganda?

The clearing agent executes a regional Bond Guarantee for Bonded Cargo and is therefore responsible for ensuring that it reaches the final destination.

 How are the Other Government Agencies (OGAs) in Uganda involved in the clearing process conducting their mandates in SCT environment?

 Some Government agencies have positioned their staff at the first points of entry and/or developed working relationships with the relevant OGAs in the Partner State of the first point of entry. While others have been integrated in the Asycuda system to clear the goods before being evacuated.

Who is responsible for the security of goods along the corridors?

Whereas the Partner States provide security, the responsibility of securing the goods lies with the customs clearing agent, the transporter and the owner.

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