URA intercepts pistol concealed in a handbag

The Uganda Revenue Authority recently intercepted a pistol concealed in baggage at Elegu OSBP on the Uganda – South Sudan border.

URA Supervisor NII Field Operations David Mugarra said that the NII discovered the concealed pistol in a baggage belonging to Heba Youssef Taleldin Mamoud, 46-years of age.

“On the 8th of July 2024, an event at the Elegu Border between Uganda and South Sudan captivated authorities as Heba was caught while entering Uganda with a concealed pistol,” Mugarra explained.

URA Supervisor NII CCTV Surveillance SP Moses Sonko said that URA officials instructed Heba to place her baggage into the CT X-ray scanner and a detailed 3D X-ray image unfolded, exposing the hidden weapon entwined in her belongings.

The lady was arrested and handed over to CMI for further investigations.

Recently, NII at Elegu exposed hidden ammunition on another individual attempting to cross into Uganda from South Sudan.

These incidents highlight the pivotal role of URA’s Non-Intrusive Inspection (NII) technology, which uses advanced X-ray scanners to scrutinize large volumes of cargo without the need for physical inspection.

By leveraging on the usage of these scanners, URA can expedite cargo processing while swiftly identifying concealed threats like firearms and illicit substances.

Meanwhile, interventions facilitated by NII equipment in the FY 2023/24, led to the recovery of more than UGX 218 billion through the detection of concealed, undeclared and falsely declared dutiable goods.

Equipped with Radiation Portal Monitors, the NII equipment plays a crucial role in fortifying Uganda’s defence against illicit radiation sources attempting to infiltrate the national borders.

These developments also portray how advanced technology not only enhances operational efficiency but also plays a pivotal role in safeguarding national interests and securing borders against emerging threats.

By Kamugisha Kabahweza Allan

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