URA urges logistics graduates to exercise integrity

The Uganda Revenue Authority recently awarded over 100 customs agents with certificates in Customs and Freight Logistics (CCFL). The new graduates are the first to benefit from the recently updated curriculum in Uganda.

CCFL is a course designed to equip customs agents with the necessary technical skills and professional ethics to responsibly carry out their duties as freight forwarding practitioners.

Addressing the graduates at the Sheraton Hotel in Kampala, Asadu Kisitu, the Assistant Commissioner of Customs Compliance and Business Analysis, urged them to use the acquired knowledge to facilitate trade and ensure that the East African Community and Africa as a whole play a big role in the logistics supply chain.

He urged them to exercise integrity, emphasizing that freight and forwarding are very critical in the global world.

“As custodians of goods and money for the clients, we expect to provide better service than before. Integrity is now more paramount than anything else. So, we expect you to uphold the value of integrity,” said Asadu.

Research indicates that the performance of clearing and forwarding agents improved by 90% between 2018 and 2022.

Philippe Ndikumana, President of the Federation of the East African Freight Forwarding Association, asserts that with the capacity building provided to the agents, there will be minimal errors in customs clearance, which will lead to a gradual reduction in the time and cost of moving cargo across borders.

The agents were also tipped to uphold the principles they have learned during the duration of the course and avoid “shortcuts,” as these can be costly.

By Kamugisha Kabahweza Allan

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