URA on The Hunt for Violators of the Temporary Road Licenses

A Temporary Road License (TRL) is a document usually given to foreigners intending to come into Uganda with their foreign registered vehicles or Ugandans working abroad with valid work permits. These in most cases come from Sudan and Congo. With the TRL, a person is granted a maximum of 90 days and once they elapse, they are supposed to return to their countries.

However, this is not the case. Some foreigners and Ugandans living out of the country commonly known as basummer violate the TRLs. They choose to stay and test their luck. According to Emmanuel Emasu, an Enforcement officer in Customs, staying back with an expired TRL is an offense.

“If you have been granted a TRL you are not supposed to lend out your car or sell it to anyone here[Uganda] without permission. If you want to sell it, you have to notify the Commissioner Customs,” Emasu said of the TRL violations.


By Immaculate Wanyenze


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