Meaning of AEO

The Acronym ‘AEO’ stands for Authorized Economic Operator, a customs initiative intended to operationalize ‘SAFE’ and reward compliance to trusted traders.

What is the SAFE?
The acronym ‘SAFE’ stands for Security and Facilitation in a global Environment. The SAFE is a WCO standard frame work document developed by the WCO member countries represented by their heads of Revenue Administrations at its headquarters in Brussels in 2005 to usher in modern supply chain security standards and a new approach to the end-to-end management of goods moving across borders while recognizing the significance of a closer partnership between customs and business. The SAFE has got three pillars;
Customs to Customs Standards Customs to Business standards
Customs to Other Government and
inter-Government Agencies standards

Who is an AEO?

An AEO is an individual, a business entity or a Government Department that is involved in international trade and is duly authorized by the Commissioner of Customs of Uganda Revenue Authority to operate as an AEO on fulfillment of requisite Supply Chain Security requirements.


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