URA to waive EFRIS penalties

The Uganda Revenue Authority is set to waive penalties issued during the enforcement of the Electronic Fiscal Receipting and Invoicing System (EFRIS), Commissioner General John Musinguzi has revealed.

Musinguzi made the revelation today while appearing on the “Kalisoliso” program on CBS 88.8 FM in Mengo.

“We are going to waive penalties for those traders who were using EFRIS for the first time and did not know how to use the system. We will invite them to Sendaula Hall at Nakawa to be taught how to use the system,” he said.

The URA boss encouraged traders to continue using EFRIS, reiterating that it is available on various platforms.

“We have the EFRIS mobile app for smartphones, which can be downloaded from the Play Store or App Store. We also have the EFD machine at a cost of UGX1.1 million, a computer app, and the system-to-system where we integrate a taxpayer’s system into URA’s system.”

Musinguzi further elaborated that while EFRIS is mandatory for VAT-registered taxpayers, small businesses can also use it to supply goods to VAT-registered businesses.

“The law states that a person should register for VAT if their total turnover is above UGX 150 million and should use EFRIS. But a trader who does not meet the threshold can voluntarily use EFRIS,” he clarified.

He also highlighted the benefits of using EFRIS, including transparency, assessment of the right tax, stock management, and determination of refund.

Recently, traders went up in arms over the implementation of EFRIS and related penalties which culminated in the May 7th meeting with President Museveni.

During the meeting, the President directed URA to waive penalties that had been issued to traders and upheld the usage of EFRIS. He also called on the URA to sensitize traders on the system.

By Kamugisha Kabahweza Allan

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