What happens when an importer imports more than one motor vehicles on the same bill of lading but one motor vehicle is a contraband

 The importer through his/ her shipping line will be required to apply for manifest splitting to create a manifest for the contraband motor vehicle to either be declared to a non-Partner State or re-export it back to the country of origin. Importation of contrabands is prohibited under S200 of the EAC CMA, 2004 and such a motor vehicle will not be allowed into the country.

How are exempted goods treated under SCT?

 All exempted goods are cleared under the Warehousing Regime (WT8). The goods are secured under an RCTG bond, and an exemption entry processed on arrival in the country.

 Are there goods exempted from a certificate of origin

 A product sent as a small package from a private person in a Partner State to a private person in another Partner State,  whose  value  does  not  exceed USD 500 or which forms part of travelers’ personal luggage whose value does not exceed USD1,200 are admitted as originating  product  without  requiring the submission of a proof of origin, provided that  the product  is not imported by way of trade and has been declared to meet the requirements of these Rules of Origin and where there is no doubt as to the veracity of such a declaration.

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