What are the eligibility requirements?

The individual/business must be involved in International trade
Be able to install and use the customs automated system e.g. ASYCUDA, e-tax, EFRIS.
Must have a compliance history with Uganda Revenue Authority of at least three years.
Must be financially sound and should not have filed for bankruptcy in the past
Must have implemented the AEO Compliance Program.

What process do I go through to become an AEO?

  • Expression of interest in writing to the Commissioner for Customs by the interested business/individual.
  • Preliminary consultation with Customs
  • Submission of a completed Self-Assessment Form to Customs
    Customs vetting processes. 
  • Onsite Inspection. Customs inspects the applicant premises to confirm the information provided in the application and supporting documents;
  • Authorization and Certification. Upon satisfying all the requirements, the applicant is approved as a Customs Authorised Economic Operator by the Commissioner Customs and awarded a certificate. Signing Memorandum of Understanding with Commissioner Customs
    Uganda currently has a total of 118 Authorised Operators of which 71 are Importers/Exporters, and 47 are Clearing Agents. 18 of these are Bonded Warehouse Operators whose biggest benefit is Self-Management.
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