Benefits of the AEO Program

a) Immediate benefits of the AEO Program to Business

1. Priority to participate in Customs initiatives Self-management of Customs Bonded Warehouses

2. Priority treatment at all times while dealing with Customs and other URA Departments
3. Choice of place of physical examination if Customs needs to perform any control (physical examination of cargo)
4. Automatic renewal of Customs Licences after payment
5. Withholding Tax exemption
6. Access to URA controlled areas Mutual Recognition Arrangements (MRAs) where Customs Administrations in one Country formally recognizes the AEO program of another Country and grants them benefits

b) Long term benefits to the business;
1. Reduction in the Cost of doing business
2. Enhanced reputation and image
3. Increased business turnover
4. Improved quality of service
5. Trustworthy and compliant business
6. Improved Internal Control Systems

What is happening at the EAC Region?
At Regional level, the Customs Administrations in the East African Community adopted a policy framework to allow implementation of the AEO program. Companies that have been progressed from the National AEO programs to the Regional level will be mutually recognized in the region and will be able to enjoy benefits in all the EAC member States when conducting business across the region.

The EAC is now negotiating Mutual Recognition Arrangements (MRAs) with other countries and trade blocs. This will provide the AEOs with significant competitive advantages in terms of the supply chain certainty and reduced costs of doing business Worldwide. The regional AEO program hosts a web site at

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