What are the general conditions for Licensing of a Company?

Conditions for licensing are set out in Section 145(1) of the EACCMA, 2004 and Regulation 150 of the EACCMR, 2010 as follows;

  1. An established office with a computer capable of connecting to the customs computer system,
  2. Physical location of which shall be indicated in the application form for customs verification purposes;
  3. Have at least two employees in charge of clearance with a diploma, certificate in customs training from a recognised institute or a minimum of five years experience in customs operations.
  4. Have legal company documents such as;
     (i) the memorandum and articles of association of the company;
    (ii) the certificate of registration/incorporation of the company;
    (iii) the Tax Identification Numbers of the company and of the director;
    (iv) the current tax clearance certificate;
    (v) copies of identity cards, passports or other forms of identification of the directors and staff proposed to directly handle or sign customs documents;
    (vi) recent passport size photographs of directors and staff duly certified by a Notary Public or a Commissioner for Oaths
    (vii) proof of affiliation to or membership of a recognized clearing and forwarding association;
    (viii) valid tenancy agreement for suitable office accommodation or proof of ownership.
    (viii) Work permit of non-national employees and Directors.
  5. Details of bankers and bank account
  6. Payment of application fee of $50.
  7. License Fee of $400.
  8. Any other requirement as the Commissioner may deem fit.


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