Why is it necessary to obtain a customs agents’ license? Justification? Why renewal?


  • It is a legal requirement under Section 145(1) of the EACCMA, 2004. The Commissioner may license person(s) to act as agents and it is a punishable offence to operate or claim to be a customs agent without a license (Regulation 152, EACCMR).
  • For transacting business relating to the declaration or clearance of any goods or baggage other than accompanied non-manifested personal baggage of a person travelling by air, land a person requires the services of a clearing agent.
  • It is a requirement of the law for the owner of the goods to appoint in writing an authorized agent to act for an on their behalf in any matter regarding customs.
  • An agent is personally liable in the performance of any act and is liable for taxes due to any owner of goods not withstanding that the owner remains liable too for acts of their authorized agent.

It is a requirement by Law to renew a customs license as it is valid for 1 year and it expires on the 31st of December every year. This is for purposes of monitoring performance of the licensed clearing firms and ensuring compliance by clearing agents and bonds with Customs laws and procedures as well as revenue protection.


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