4.1 This process starts by the applicants filling and submitting a predefined form C30 to
CCD applying for the registration of Duty Draw back.

4.2 Application is forwarded to AC Customs Audit for further management and
subsequently forwarded to Supervisor Refunds unit.

4.3 Supervisor refunds unit shall face vet the application to confirm the information
provided by the applicant; the business name, physical address and location, business
type, the company’s main activities, Names, physical address and photographs of
Directors/Partners/Owners, Company’s TIN and VAT number, The company’s
telephone number and e-mail address, Certificate of incorporation and Memorandum
and articles of association

4.4 Supervisor refunds unit shall constitute a team for the site visit to confirm whether the
applicant is engaged in manufacturing the item for which the applicant is seeking to
register for duty draw back.

4.5 Supervisor Refund shall draft a request to TID concerning the company’s input output
ratios signed by the AC Customs Audit.

4.6 The team shall write an inspection report detailing their findings and submit it to
Supervisor Refunds unit.

4.7 Supervisor refunds unit shall review the report against the application and makes a
recommendation to Manager Customs audit.

4.8 AC Customs Audit shall review the report, approve the application and allocate a
registration number and make a communication to the applicant on behalf of
Commissioner Customs department.
The applicant is then ready to begin claiming DDB, the exports under consideration shall
be according to the start date stated in the reply to the application made.

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