New Unilever boss pays a courtesy visit to URA

Anthony Esyalai, the Managing Director of Unilever Uganda, met URA Commissioner General John Musinguzi recently to discuss areas of common interest and improve working relations between the two entities.

Esyalai, who joined the firm late last year, commended URA for its hospitality and called for more engagements to establish better relations.

Musinguzi appreciated Unilever’s partnership in developing Uganda through investment and contributing to the revenue basket.

He noted that Unilever has built a strong brand known for good quality and encouraged them to take advantage of incentives to start having all their goods manufactured here.

Musinguzi also briefed the Unilever boss on some of the systems URA has put in place to enhance revenue mobilization, including the Electronic Fiscal Receipting and Invoicing System, which is transparent and helps taxpayers monitor sales.

He emphasized that Uganda is prioritizing domestic revenue, as it is the only way to reduce reliance on import duty.

Esyalai commended the technological advancement and urged URA to formalize the informal sector, as it will also help manufacturers monitor their goods.

He also promised to invite URA to Unilever’s community engagements to sensitize the public on its systems and initiatives.

By Irene Kabakama

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