Who is an artist?

An artist is a person who practices any of the creative arts, such as painting, sculpting, poetry, singing, filming, drawing, composing, and creating music.

Who is a performer?

A performer is a person who entertains an audience by acting, singing, dancing, or playing music.

A performer is responsible for entertaining an audience by expressing their talents through different arts and expertise while earning income.

Who are the key players in the performers/Artists industry?

The key players in this industry include:

  • Comedians
  • Song writers/singers
  • poetry

Who is obliged to register for taxes with URA?

All persons earning income from entertainment business are obliged to register for taxes with URA. Every player in the entertainment sector in Uganda are required to be registered with

What do I need to register for taxes?

For individual

  • National ID
  • Certificate of registration

For non-individual

  • Company Form 20
  • Certificate of incorporation



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