Pursuant to S. 42 (1) East African Community Customs Management Act 2004, the Commissioner Customs requests owners of goods that have exceeded their statutory clearance and warehousing period (un-customed goods) to clear the same within 30 days from the date of first publication of this Public Notice by paying all the requisite taxes, fees, penalties, fines and charges that will have accrued thereon.

All the goods that remain un-cleared after 30 days of first publication of this notice shall be disposed of by way of public auction.

The auction process has been automated.

All terms and conditions of sale, the User guide and auction items can be accessed on this link:

Note: Goods shall be sold on “as is “Basis

On-line viewing will run from July 29th to August 3rd 2023. The bidding process will run from August 4th to 20th August 2023.

All relevant information pertaining to the Customs Auctions can be accessed using the link above.

First date of Publication: Thursday June 29th 2023.


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