Uganda Revenue Authority informs the General Public that where a manufacturer procures or manufactures a plastic packaging material for purposes of packaging their manufactured products, the manufacturer does not qualify for an offset of excise duty paid on the plastic packaging material in the monthly excise duty returns. For instance, a manufacturer of beverages cannot claim excise duty incurred on plastic packaging materials when filing an excise duty return.
However, where a manufacturer converts a plastic product into another excisable product liable to excise duty, the converted excisable good shall be liable only to the difference between the excise duty on the converted good and the excise duty originally paid before the conversion.

In addition, where a plastic product is manufactured from at least 20% recycled plastic or is for use in the packaging of a product for export or medicaments, the Commissioner may remit or refund the excise duty in accordance with Section 10 (3b) and (3c) of the Excise Duty Act.

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